Jamaica in the Caribbean – Information and Facts

Jamaica is one of the most popular Caribbean Island destinations. Visitors will appreciate it as they experience Jamaica’s unique culture. In addition, visitors are attracted to the activities including: the shopping, water-sports and the nite-life. Jamaica is a proud country, with its  own unique history and culture. Despite the tourism in Jamaica, visitors will find breathtaking mountains, beautiful beaches and nice landscapes. The main towns include: Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.

Kingston is the capitol and the largest city on the island; Kingston is located on the eastern side of the island and has  a population that is close to a million people.With its museums and galleries, Kingston is the cultural center of Jamaica.

Montego Bay is the second largest city on the island and is a hotspot for tourism there. Montego Bay is in the  mountainous north west of the island. There’s plenty to do here; whether you’re young or old you wont be bored.

Negril is located on the west side of Jamaica. Negril has a laid-back atmosphere, making this a good place to meet locat residents. In addition, some of the nightclubs are located along Seven Mile Beach. Popular activities include  diving, sailing, windsurfing and  jet-skiing.

Ocho Rios was developed to be a resort; Before, Ocho Rios was once a sleepy fishing village, now it is a tourists trap with it own cruise ship port. Ocho Rios has plenty of bars, fast-food chains, restaurants and  duty-free stores. Travelers can enjoy attractions including: nature reserves, cultural attractions and golfing.

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